5 heated moments

Nobody seaks the heat in a discussion. And you would prefer avoiding redness in the face. How do you instantly cool down in 5 awkward situations?

1. The blackout during the presentation

Calmly repeat your last alinea. Few notice this and the inspiration will return. If the content fails there is still the process. Hold a short break or give everyone an assignment. Option 3 is ‘Sorry, I’m having a blackout – what will we do?’ Help assured.

2. The impossible question

Stay honest. ‘I don’t know that, but what I do know is…’ Never talk about things you only mastered partly.

3. The disappeared preparation

Everything wasted? If you control the subject reasonably choose interaction. Ask your audience what it already knows and what it wants to know. Nothing more custom than this.

4. The brutal judgment: ‘You are the biggest loser around!’

A scolding like this asks for perspective. ‘I understand your criticism. It’s very healthy. I do have a problem with the tone you use. Be a little more concrete please.’ Criticism as a chance and sweat will be pouring down the right back.

5. The declaration of love

You are unexpectedly given a giant compliment, a big pat on the back or a spontaneous kiss from the boss. Accept it with a blush!

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