5 interaction movers

Put more than 20 people in one room and you will be guaranteed to have free riders. You can see them think: why should I do effort, there are so many others than me…’ 5 ways to get some interaction going

1. Forbid the use of PowerPoint, Prezi and Youtube

Beamers are the best killers of interaction. Why do we have people look at a screen? Let them look at each other, that’s much easier when talking.

2. Make dyads and triads

If in a large company the big mouths start talking, the others will be quiet. Let people talk in dyads and triads or duos and trios first. It feels safer, nobody feels superfluous and productivity skyrockets.

3. Out of the meeting attitude

If you sit on a chair for a long time you become a meeting tiger. Let everyone stand up and they will be motivated to act. One half is pro, the other half against. Empathy grows and nobody can be attacked personally.

4. Never ask: who wants to add something?

People want to say something if they are addressed personally. So always ask directly to someone. Unaddressed questions go back to the asker without any response.

5. Involve the outside

Wasting time, clichés and not taking risks can be avoided by involving outsiders. Talking about customers, citizens, patients and so on is easy. Until you involve one directly.

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