6x election debate lessons for the office

Election debates, what can you learn from them? That’s why we analysed them for useful dos and don’ts for the coming meetings. This way you will win votes as well!


1. Punish squabble immediately

Denigrating the other and declaring them unreliable will only benefit you short-term. Act like Diederik Samson and Ronald Reagon. Respond with ‘There you go again! Let’s talk about the truly important stuff.’

2. Don’t avoid discussion

Rutte proved it: refusing a debate with Freek de Jonge is bad for your reputation. If you prepared well and known your message, even the biggest of adversaries can’t win. And it makes you stronger

3. Assure yourself of support beforehand

Every party leader has assured his followers a place in the audience to be certain of applause. Avoid painful silences and assure yourself of agreement by lobbying beforehand.


1. Chairmen who talk too much

Rick Nieman (RTL) talked more than any of the party leaders. Must have suffered from a profiling urge. Keep the technical chairman short. The least important has the shortest speaking time.

2. Interruption violence

Roemer and Rutte found the solution: you do not benefit from someone else’s interruptions. One (1) interruption is enough, the rest should save their questions and remarks for when you are finished!

3. Every discussion is a competition

After every debate on television the analysis is done with self-proclaimed experts. Talk afterwards. If meetings are no longer about visions, choices and decisions, then don’t congregate at all. A good debater doesn’t make you a good director.

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