And an Oscar for presentation

Do you have to prepare a presentation? Don’t become a slave to the content, win the hearts of your listeners. You will be a better speaker than the most recent Oscar winners. Five tips from Debat.NL for an unforgettable impression.

1. Touch from the first second.

Start with an excuse, you will start strong. The stongest opener is still the powerful first sentence that increases expectations. Obama: “They said this day would never come”

2. From the heart

Don’t turn your heart into a PowerPoint slide. Bulletpoints aren’t interesting, personal motivation is. Reveal what involves you with the subject: ‘Ambition is good, until you are injured severely, how do you keep your head high?’

3. Away from paper

Who speaks from a sheet of paper was clearly not finished preparing. Practice as long as you need to start improvising. This way you will understand the essence and will not need paper, at most a few key words.

4. Embrace interaction

A good speech comes from two directions. One way traffic causes accidents. Don’t wait for a question from the audience, ask questions yourself. The answers are free feedback and will help you put the stress on the right subjects.

5. Take the shortest route

How do you prevent that your audience finishes listening before you finish speaking. Always take the shortest route to your goal, a maximum of 3 stops and no detours.

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