And an Oscar for presentation

Do you have to prepare a presentation? Don’t become a slave to the content, win the hearts of your listeners. You will be a better speaker than the most recent Oscar winners. Five tips from Debat.NL for an unforgettable impression. 1. Touch from the first second. Start with an excuse, you will start strong. The … Continued

Can I interrupt for a bit?

A lot of speakers see an interruption of their plea as an annoying coitus interruptus with their hearing. A pity, because who limits quantity gains quality. Five tips from Debat.NL to interrupt effectively and diplomatically. 1. Choose a method Simply talking right through the other is not chic nor effective. You present yourself as a … Continued

Fresh feedback

Feedback is not for the faint of heart. But who makes do without in 2014 should be worried. Instead you should push it even further. Five feedback tips from Debat.NL 0 degrees Look, I’m just doing my job. If everyone does the same everything’s good. Does this hard worker need feedback? Of course. You could … Continued

The art of asking questions

To convince someone you will have to do more than just argue. Put the other in the spotlight with questions without straying too far from your own path. Read 5 useful tips from Debat.NL to ask good questions. 1. Learn more about the other Your partner is not a cold robot but a human being … Continued

Inspire? Do it yourself!

Improvising when you talk is impressive, but even more so if you inspire people. Don’t wait until your boss, director or prime minister is ready, do it yourself. Debat.NL helps you with 5 techniques for inspiring speeches. 1. Improvisation? From the heart! Don’t become the talking part of a PowerPoint. Have courage to sum up … Continued

Very useful sentences

Some sentences instantly work on your interlocutors. With an almost 100% guarantee you can send the conversation in the right direction. Is it magic or manipulation? Judge yourself. 5 sentences of Debat.NL for daily use 1. Apart from that… It’s only 3 words. But in an equally supple and smooth movement they judge the last … Continued

The Propaganda Checker

Are you trying to snare them once again? Big chance that you are being seduced with propaganda. Keep the Propaganda Checker close. Debat.NL helps you with 5 test questions for a solid argumentation and honest discussion. 1. What does that mean concretely? (Glittering generalities) Big words like sustainable, transparent and synergy are used daily. The … Continued

Speak with authority

Whether you were named just now or not, we all want to speak with authority. A stormy applause feels better than a storm of criticism. 5 tips of Debat.NL for natural authority. 1. Prevent nonverbal leakage. Blinking eyes, curling mouth corners and dancing eyebrows betray: you are not in control. Breathe deeply and keep your … Continued

O so seductive

Nobody likes being told the truth. But we can all be seduced. It also saves you a lot of resistance. 5 tips of Debat.NL to wake up the seducer in you. 1. The Goodwill factor Everyone runs faster for nice people. A compliment, personal attention, gift and sincere curiosity make you irresistible. People have no … Continued

Top 5 meeting annoyances

Research of the SDU and Debat.NL show the top 5 annoyances in meetings. Don’t wait until the chairman finally acts, fix them yourself. 5x don’t get annoyed in meetings. 1. Too much talk off topic People like hearing themselves talk. But if the central question goes out of sight , our sense of direction abandons … Continued

First aid for directors

80% of the laboring people is daily chaired by the other 20%. A good chairman works as a facilitator. Otherwise he has to take a step back. Five tips. 1. First aid for Ownership If the facilitator is always boss the others become lazy. Tip: involve everyone from the first second. ‘Who spoke to a … Continued

Out with fallacies

Fallacies are fake arguments. Which can be destructive if left unchecked. Out with all fallacies, starting with these 5 killers. 1. We’ve been doing it like this for years… This is why things go wrong every time. performances and malpractices from the past are no guarantee for a bright future. Ask for current arguments, not … Continued

No excuses please

The workload increases fast. With less colleagues it’s hard to work hard and long. No wonder everyone wants to look out for themselves. So working together? No way. 5 classic excuses spoil the fun at work. Don’t accept them! 1. That’s not my job… Don’t discuss what function, task, role or responsibility someone has or … Continued

How do you respond to harsh criticism?

The cabinet is being pummeled. What to do when faced with big opposition? Remain silent? 5 ways not to dive. Stay out of the defensive and let the criticism come! Both home and at work. 1. Irritation vs interest The biggest mistake with harsh criticism is immediately counter attacking (‘Who’s saying that!’) or playing down … Continued

5 interaction movers

Put more than 20 people in one room and you will be guaranteed to have free riders. You can see them think: why should I do effort, there are so many others than me…’ 5 ways to get some interaction going 1. Forbid the use of PowerPoint, Prezi and Youtube Beamers are the best killers … Continued