And an Oscar for presentation

Do you have to prepare a presentation? Don’t become a slave to the content, win the hearts of your listeners. You will be a better speaker than the most recent Oscar winners. Five tips from Debat.NL for an unforgettable impression. 1. Touch from the first second. Start with an excuse, you will start strong. The … Continued

Can I interrupt for a bit?

A lot of speakers see an interruption of their plea as an annoying coitus interruptus with their hearing. A pity, because who limits quantity gains quality. Five tips from Debat.NL to interrupt effectively and diplomatically. 1. Choose a method Simply talking right through the other is not chic nor effective. You present yourself as a … Continued

Fresh feedback

Feedback is not for the faint of heart. But who makes do without in 2014 should be worried. Instead you should push it even further. Five feedback tips from Debat.NL 0 degrees Look, I’m just doing my job. If everyone does the same everything’s good. Does this hard worker need feedback? Of course. You could … Continued

Inspire? Do it yourself!

Improvising when you talk is impressive, but even more so if you inspire people. Don’t wait until your boss, director or prime minister is ready, do it yourself. Debat.NL helps you with 5 techniques for inspiring speeches. 1. Improvisation? From the heart! Don’t become the talking part of a PowerPoint. Have courage to sum up … Continued

The Propaganda Checker

Are you trying to snare them once again? Big chance that you are being seduced with propaganda. Keep the Propaganda Checker close. Debat.NL helps you with 5 test questions for a solid argumentation and honest discussion. 1. What does that mean concretely? (Glittering generalities) Big words like sustainable, transparent and synergy are used daily. The … Continued

No excuses please

The workload increases fast. With less colleagues it’s hard to work hard and long. No wonder everyone wants to look out for themselves. So working together? No way. 5 classic excuses spoil the fun at work. Don’t accept them! 1. That’s not my job… Don’t discuss what function, task, role or responsibility someone has or … Continued

5 heated moments

Nobody seaks the heat in a discussion. And you would prefer avoiding redness in the face. How do you instantly cool down in 5 awkward situations? 1. The blackout during the presentation Calmly repeat your last alinea. Few notice this and the inspiration will return. If the content fails there is still the process. Hold … Continued

Never sweat again during a speech

Why the irresistible urge to management by speech? You have 5 motives to reduce every request for a speech to a maximum of 1 minute. 1. The monologue is a symptom of the last of the Soviet threat. With an iron message discipline employees are made to believe that they are ‘the most important capital’ … Continued