Why improve your Debating Skills?

  • Would you like to increase your debating and argumentationskills?
  • Want to know how to excel in debates?
  • Work with an excellent and experienced debater

Work on your debating skills and gain strength in discussions and debates. Exercises from the Anglo-Saxon business tradition will teach you how to improve your arguments, response time and improvisation skills. You will learn how to cope with frequent fallacies and you will discover how you can prevent conflict, resistance and criticism by debating effectively. You will spare yourself from the feeling of ‘if I had only’. The training Debating Skills will increase your confidence and powers of persuasion.


Prior to commencement you will receive a digital intake form to discuss your learning objectives. The program will be individually tailored from your input. Questions may include, amongst others, the following:

Argumentative techniques

  • How to construct your own story?
  • How to formulate watertight arguments?
  • How to anticipate criticism?

Response techniques

  • What to do when you don’t have a response ready?
  • How do you take the lead?
  • Do’s and don’ts from experienced debaters

The results

  1. You have mastered several argumentative techniques
  2. You can handle unexpected situations
  3. You are prepared for criticism
  4. Your message is more persuasive

Do you have a question?

Sharon Kroes
Please contact Sharon Kroes if you have any questions. He can be reached onkroes@debat.nl or 023 562 9972.


We start the programme by prior discussion of your learning objectives. You can be assured of a lot of exercises, along with practical tips and feedback to improve your debating skills. The program includes the following questions:

  • How can you adapt your debating style to differing situations?
  • How do you handle dominant personalities?
  • How to formulate watertight arguments?
  • How can you build your argument in a convincing way?
  • How can you recognise, avoid and block fallacies?
  • What improvisation and reaction techniques can you apply in every debate?
  • How do you prevent the “if I had only” feeling afterwards?
  • What is perfect timing?
  • What to do if the debate deviates to an unexpected topic?

The results

  1. You can distinguish good and bad arguments and handle them well
  2. You can formulate your own message in a clear, persuasive and solid way
  3. You can handle diverse reactions adequately
  4. You can handle yourself in every situation
  5. You can maintain your nerve

Do you have a question?

Sharon Kroes

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Kroes on kroes@debat.nl of 023 562 9972.


Before you start your “Persuasive Debating” training you will receive a personal intake by the trainer. The programme resembles a Masterclass, where your own practice forms the starting point. We practice extensively with your own cases and work upon the improvement of your debating skills step by step.

Day 1: Those are some solid arguments!

During the day you will improve your argumentation skills with a mix of theory and comprehensive exercises. You will learn to think more logically, adjust arguments according to the audience, improve your arguments and effectively refute the assertions of others.

  • When do you have a good argument?
  • How do you increase the persuasiveness of your arguments?
  • How do you handle complex reasoning?
  • How do you defend yourself from criticism?
  • How do you make every discussion go the right way?

Day 2: Everything you say is persuasive

On this day you work on aspects of your performance: having the right attitude, choosing the right words and using your personal appearance to keep your audience interested. You will also learn the six rhetorical techniques that all gifted speakers use to really make an impact.

  • What makes you non-verbally stronger in a discussion?
  • How do you improve your voice?
  • How do you interest others with your choice of words?
  • How do you apply Obama’s rhetorical techniques?
  • How do you radiate calm and conviction during harsh criticism?

Day 3: You’re invincible

This day is devoted to dealing with a wide range of emotions, fallacies and criticism. You will be taught how different responses from your side lead to different responses from the counterparty.

  • Learn to recognize and defend against fallacies
  • How to operate during political games?
  • How to turn resistance into cooperation?
  • What if the discussion goes off-topic?
  • How do you always stay calm, controlled and convincing?

Do you have a question?

Sharon Kroes

Please contact Sharon Kroes if you have any questions on kroes@debat.nl or 023 562 9972.


  • Coaching on how to expand your persuasiveness, helped by your personal coach
  • Having a big debate soon? Be well prepared
  • Your coach knows the techniques that will really make a difference

Our approach

Personal conversation

We will start by having your personal intake with your coach. What prospective debates and discussions are there, and who do you have to persuade? With this intake as a starting point, you will work on mastering appropriate debating techniques in interactive sessions of approximately two hours.


Every programme is custom-made; we design it around you and your cases. If necessary, you can reach your coach at any given moment to ask short questions and turn yourself into a trained debater.

Personal feedback

Your coach, an experienced debater, will oppose you in a debate to see how you hold up in the heat of battle. Whether you are preparing for a big debate, an important meeting or an essential discussion, Debat.NL will provide you with all the necessary techniques to make the difference that will persuade your audience.


Debat.NL has plenty of references from politics, government, business, and also the non-profit sector. Our coaches operate in extremely diverse situations. References upon request.
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Useful Information

  • If necessary, coaching is available at short-notice
  • Debat.NL has two coaching locations, in Leiden and Utrecht
  • You will receive a quotation upon request


Kido Koenig
A keen debater with the right amount of humour who guarantees an interactive session.
Guido Camps
Guido Camps
Won several awards for eloquence; focuses on smart, to the point, easily applicable tips.
Sharon Kroes
Sharon Kroes
Former Dutch, European and World Champion in debating. He guarantees your growth as a debater.
Renee Kooger
Renee Kooger
Experienced competitive debater who specializes in advanced argumentation techniques.

Incompany training: Debating Skills

  • Your employees should be more persuasive
  • You are looking for a smart combination of training, coaching and commitment
  • You want to work with trainers who understand your sector

Customisation for your organisation

Training for your organisation will have the ideal result, as it takes your organisation and situation into account.

Gaining insight

What are the goals of your participants and what can they do already? These questions are central in the preparatory phase. In what situations do they wish to be more persuasive, and what is currently holding them back? Our scans and digital intakes ensure a clear profile of the participants-the best start for our comprehensive training programme.

Practise, practise, practise

Don’t expect standard models or generalised hand-outs, instead we offer customised exercises and feedback to make the participants excel in their own given fields. Customisation means that the nature and duration of the training will be decided according to your individual wishes. Sometimes a combination of short workshops and one-on-one coaching is the best method, in other cases we will arrange a simulation or the participants will do assignments in their daily practice.


At Debat.NL we believe that participants only really learn to persuade and debate when they commit themselves to applying the lessons learnt in practice. We will discuss actions and objectives for the short and medium term. What are you going to do, and why do you need to do that? We are fully prepared to support you using (online) coaching and customised assignments. This ensures discussion of the effects of the training within your organisation.

Any questions?

Sharon Kroes
If you have questions about the training, please contact Sharon Kroes onkroes@debat.nl or 023 562 9972.


Brunel’s salesforce was looking for training to give them the edge in discussion with clients. In a compact programme, including several workshops, they improved their skills directly linked to conducting new deals with clients.


For several MBA, postdoc and masters’ studies, Debat.NL provides a short, intensive programme that combines condensed workshops with a competitive element. Because we have worked with more trainers, Nyenrode can plan the meetings for 20 to 100 participants efficiently.

Nationale Nederlanden

Nationale Nederlanden
NN wanted a combination of relevant discussion topics and an improvement of persuasiveness for account managers from all regions. By means of a debating tournament, the 320 account managers became more focused on argumentation and persuasion, culminating in a spectacular final.

Erasmus MC

Debat.NL regularly conducts Debating Clinics in academic hospitals revolving around central issues for groups of medical specialists and nurses. In these Clinics, they get feedback on their persuasiveness, and current topics are discussed in a debating format.

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