Works councils

  • Enlarge your influence as a works council
  • Our trainers know the ins and outs of participation
  • Our trainers have a passion for participation

Far from all works councils are satisfied with the influence they are having. Understandably, because a works council is a partner and an opponent at the same time. That is why Debat.NL provides programmes to improve the persuasiveness of the works council and her individual member. That is how your main points will turn to profit again.

A persuasive works council

  • Gain persuasion in combined action with the management
  • Learn how you can make an impact and a difference as a works council
  • Get a hold on every discussion



Debating Persuasively

When you are having the best arguments as a works council, you can prevent others from not taking you seriously. Strengthen your argumentation and impact by operating more systematically and strategically by using the Debating method in combined action with the management. Your supporters will appreciate a persuasive debating strategy as well.

Election meetings

An interactive format that ensures a high turn-out and a clear choice? Debat.NL has an experience of years of organising works council election meetings. Clear motions, question which are to the point and involvement of the audience guarantee an attractive discussion.

Presenting comfortably

Whether you are speaking for the staff, your supporters or the management, as a works council you always have a convincing and clear message. Improve the impact of your presentation by consciously working on a smart build-up, a persuasive appearance and a constructive response to critical questions.

According to participants

  • ‘It is very pleasant to work on your own cases at Debat.NL and seeing them improve.’ (Works council member Generali Group)
  • ‘From now on my questions will be more to the point and I am going to let the other talk.’ (Works council member De Nederlandsche Bank (The Dutch National Bank)
  • ‘Alliander is facing great challenges in the next year. And there is a solution.’ (participant Works council election debate Alliander)

tabs-KidoKoenigKido Koenig

A keen debater with the right amount of humour who guarantees an interactive session.

tabs-GuidoCampsGuido Camps

Won several awards for eloquence; focuses on smart, to the point, easily applicable tips.

tabs_SharonKroesSharon Kroes

Former Dutch, European and World Champion in debating. He guarantees your growth as a debater.

tabs-ReneeKoogerRenee Kooger

Experienced competitive debater who specializes in advanced argumentation techniques.