Fresh feedback

Feedback is not for the faint of heart. But who makes do without in 2014 should be worried. Instead you should push it even further. Five feedback tips from Debat.NL

0 degrees

Look, I’m just doing my job. If everyone does the same everything’s good. Does this hard worker need feedback? Of course. You could ask: ‘What do others think about your work?’ That makes everyone think.

90 degrees

Do you have to hold an entire session to give each other feedback? Of course not. Let everyone tell their neighbor what they think during the work meetings. It’s called speedbacking. You don’t immediately, but everyone becomes more cheerful.

180 degrees

You can also sit across from each other, 180 degrees. This is not for small talk. Following these 3 simple steps to see improvement: Behaviour, Feeling, Consequences. Add Desirable and you will learn really fast.

360 degrees

Are you not a fan of 1 on 1 feedback? Put yourself on the Hot Chair and ask feedback from everywhere without mercy. If you try to defend yourself you’re it. Counter attacking creates a boomerang effect. It’s the ultimate test and will make you sweat buckets. Keep listening and asking and you will learn a lot.

Alternate and plan

Like in a sauna, changes in temperature are good. This way you prevent feedback from being a sluggish activity. And always make sure there is feedforward. Feedback is mainly useful if it brings about concrete change in the short term. Cooperation becomes fun.

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