Gaming with framing

What do leftist hobbies, villa grants and duct tape coalitions have in common? They put down a frame. These nice words fit in a frame that steers our thinking (subconsciously). With framing you will increase your persuasion and increase your control over the debate.

1. Look for a simple image that stimulates

Don’t call your colleagues for a work meeting, but an expert meeting. Don’t say emergency landing but precautionary landing. Good frames will save you from a lot of resistance. Insurance companies never mention profiteering because that doesn’t make a good impression.

2. How to make your frame dominant?

Repeat=Sink in. This way you can show your consistency (‘He never contradicts himself’). Can the Greeks do something right?

3. Are you being pushed into an unwanted frame?

‘Everyone at the top is a profiteer!’ Avoid the reflex of denial. With ‘I’m no profiteer’ you will unintentionally confirm the frame of your opponent. Try to use positive associations: “Our board is 100% responsible for its performances.”

4. Never combat a frame with arguments.

Framing is countered with reframing. Leftist hobbies? Don’t say there’s nothing wrong with them or that they aren’t really hobbies. Pick your own frame: ‘Culture is the catalyst for economic growth, and has been since the Golden Age.’

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