Bewust Beinvloeden

Laat je niet beetnemen

Do you sometimes think, something is wrong here? They try to influence you with psychological tricks. Do not step in and stay sharp with 5 tips from Debat.NL.

1. Accept only sincere compliments

People do everything to be liked, eg sprinkle with compliments. Accept compliments only if they are not immediately followed by a request for cooperation on something you do not really want.

2. I can offer you something …

Do not let yourself feel guilty! Of course, you also know that whoever gives, receives. But decide for yourself when you give or receive. Appreciate the other person for his generosity, but that you would like to judge the case on his merits.

3. Last time you also participated …

Do people use your past to determine your future? Past performance is no guarantee at all for the future. Do not believe in automatisms, make yourself a healthy decision every time.

4. Your colleagues neighbors also do it …

Other people may have good reasons for their choice. You have your own reasons. Think for yourself. Going with the herd does not mean to walk in the right direction. And besides: not participating does not mean that you are the black sheep right away.

5. This opportunity comes only once …

Opportunities are like buses, there is always one (Richard Branson). What is presented as scarce is often not at all scarce. With some patience you do not just buy a cooling-off period, but you keep your hands free for the real opportunities. Morality: Say more often ‘no’ to say ‘yes’ to what is really important.

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