• You are a good lawyer only if you persuade
  • Debat.NL works for smaller and larger offices
  • Our skills trainers are jurist themselves

File knowledge only will not make you persuasive. In negotiations with the counterparty or your client, during pitches and when pleading, persuasiveness plays an essential role. Let yourself be trained by an experienced trainer from Debat.NL with a legal background. In this way you will receive exactly the right persuasion tips to make you and your office more persuasive.

Personal Persuasion

Take your own personal cases with you through our digital intake. Before the workshop, we will discuss the learning objectives and the way in which it can contribute to a better functioning in practice extensively. You can expect a lot of personal feedback and specific tips to make your daily practice more effective and persuasive. Among others, these matters may be discussed:

  • How can I plead with impact and persuasion?
  • How do I prepare a negotiation with the counterparty?
  • How can I lead the conversation in a pleasant way?How can I plead with impact and persuasion?
  • How do I prepare a negotiation with the counterparty?
  • How can I lead the conversation in a pleasant way?

Do you have a question?

hebt_PeterVanDerGeerPeter van der Geer gladly helps you. You can reach him directly via of 023 562 9972.

The results

  1. You have mastered verbal and non-verbal techniques to plead more persuasively
  2. You have mastered a range of persuasion techniques in conversation with the counterparty
  3. You can handle unexpected situations and arguments adequately
  4. You can take the initiative in a pleasant, but decisive manner
  5. You will radiate more authority

Practical information

Your trainer always has practical experience
PE points are available for this workshop
The duration of the workshop stretches from half a day up to two days

I want a persuasive presentation for a tender

‘Presentation’ is at tenders an important criterion for the appointment of big assignments. A good reason to have more than your files in order at a tender. You want to make a spotless and client-oriented impression with an appealing, business-like and personal story. Having Debat.NL as your sparring partner, you enlarge the chance of having a winning offer. We will help you get a powerful opening, solid build-up and a convincing response to critical question, so you will hit the right chord with your client.
I want to get more out of our relation-events

I want to get more out of our relations-events

A seminar for your relations is more than seeing how it’s done in your office. The time of PowerPoints-questions-drinks is gone. An interactive programme will leave a much better impression with your clients and prospects. A sophisticated programme in which you start a real dialogue with your relations, will not only confirm your reputation as an excellent office, but will also stimulate clients to consult you more often. Debat.NL gladly shares her examples of top-notch relation-events with you.