LSD for everyone

Forget the weed pass, everyone on LSD. From origin a consciousness expanding agent that should promote collective rotation. Initially for recreative use, now also recommended for business applications. No harmful side effects. How does it work?

1. LSD stands for Listening, Summarizing and Disquisition

What is missing from this list? That’s right, your opinion. That explains the beneficial working on your environment immediately. Kind of fascinating: no opinion yet a big influence!

2. Listening

Too often only aimed at what someone is literally saying. Pay attention to pitch, attitude, gestures and expression. You will see a hear and lot more.

3. Summarize

Lack of understanding is the cause of a lot of trouble. Understanding starts from indicating in your own words what the other is saying. Such an understanding attitude changes even the most vicious of opponents into reasonable people. It’s free and understanding is a far cry from agreeing.

4. Disquisition

Thanks to your understanding you can ask whatever you want. Not 3 questions at the same time, no leading questions, no closed questions. The most simple of questions will give you a treasury of information: why?

5. With LSD you can be critical without damaging the relation

Understanding and criticism – it’s a beautiful combination that everyone accepts. LSD-abstainers have a problem: lack of influence.

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