Political Debating Skills

Stand strong and get people on board

Master key argumentation techniques
Counter criticism to your benefit
Get the majority behind your vision

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Persuade the people

Political Debating skills can make the different between a minority and majority. It is not only about your own political profile, but about acquiring majorities for your political views. Political debating skills is the culmination of skills that distinguish you from others: presenting, arguing and interrupting.

The Masterclass Political Debating Skills allows you not only to stay strong in the debate, but also to switch others to your side.


We start the program with a digital survey via the Debat.NL SkillsTracker. The program is always tailormade. Depending on the duration of the program (webinar, workshop or training), the following elements will be covered

How do you prepare your debate?
What constitutes a persuasive point of view?
Bulletproof arguing: do’s and don’t
How to move from reading aloud to speaking?
Different tactics to use your interruptions

Ways to convince others from your point of view
Pulling a debate into your direction
Responding to criticism
Recognize and respond to false arguments
How can you win the popular vote?

The combination of Masterclass and Debat.NL SkillsTracker ensures you of additional exercises, feedback and tips for your next debate

Experienced trainer

Debat.NL trainers know the art of political debating skills. The combination of their personal experience with debates in the public arena and their in-depth knowledge of debating skills allow you to excel in every debate or townhall.