Professional Moderation Skills

Learn how to design and lead your conference

Control your audience interaction
Learn how to intervene
Gain more result with your group

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Professional moderation skills

Professional Moderation Skills starts with the insight in what convinces people in groups. You will learn how to engage and use the audience in meetings in order to attain your goals. Practice with a variation of smart formats to guide people from A to B. Your ability to to quickly and diplomatically steer and stop discussions will be crucial.

Your experienced moderator always provides you with feedback based on your personal style. The Masterclass Professional Moderation Skills increase your lead in small and large gatherings.


We start the program with a digital survey via the Debat.NL SkillsTracker. The program is always tailormade. Depending on the duration of the program (webinar, workshop or training), the following elements will be covered:

The 10 principles of moderation skills
How do you engage your audience in the opening?
Create more focus and participation
5 Interaction-movers
Steering and leading a conversation

Find the appropriate meeting design
How to subtly stop your audience
How to you turn resistance into energy?
What to do with the loudest voices in the room?
Bring your meeting to an effective closure

The combination of Masterclass and Debat.NL SkillsTracker ensures you of additional exercises, feedback and tips.

Experienced trainer

Debat.Nl trainers are experienced moderators that have extensive experience in designing and moderating meetings. They have published numerous books on the matter, based on the principle that everybody has the main role in the meeting. Our clients appreciate our results-driven approach and that helps you in your skills as a moderator.