Why improve your moderation skills?

  • Good moderators aren’t born, but created
  • Moderate meetings of 10, 50 of 100+ people effectively
  • Letting others speak and listen well is an art

Magnificent meetings require careful preparation. Improve your interaction techniques and the effectivity of your meetings will improve. You will learn how to get everyone involved, how to keep control over the process and how to turn resistance into cooperation. You will be inspired by numerous training methods and will profit from proven moderation techniques. The training Moderation Skills will enlarge your craftsmanship and your joy in leading meetings.


After your subscription you will receive a digital intake where you can fill out your own cases. The program is designed by using your cases. The following elements will be covered:

  • The 10 principles of a good facilitator
  • How do you get momentum from the start?
  • How do you steer a discussion, debate or dialogue?
  • Act now! But how?
  • Operating during disasters: how to maintain your calmness
  • How do you conduct a persuasive performance?

The results

  1. You control the basics of moderating as a professional
  2. You know how to interact with your audience
  3. You can steer the meeting in the right direction
  4. You can handle difficult situations adequately

Do you have a question?

Peter van der Geer

In case you have any questions, please contact Peter van der Geer on vandergeer@debat.nl or 023 562 9972.


We start the training with a digital intake to understand your learning points and provide you with personal tips. The training program is always tailor-made and covers your cases.


  • The 10 principles of an effective facilitator
  • Effective ways to open a meeting
  • How to organize a room?
  • How to steer a discussion, debate or dialogue?
  • The 9 methods for interaction


  • What techniques are there to intervene?
  • How do you transform resistance into energy?
  • What to do with long-winded speakers?
  • How can you summarize and close in a smart and fun manner?
  • Personal tips for every participant

The results

  1. You can use the most important moderating principles in your practice.
  2. Thanks to repeated exercises you have expanded your repertoire with different techniques.
  3. You know how to make your gathering as interactive as possible, from preparation to execution.
  4. You know how to involve participants from the start and send them home with the right feeling.
  5. You have personal tips to guide gatherings in a better and more persuasive way.

Do you have a question?

Peter van der Geer

In case you have any questions, please contact Peter van der Geer on vandergeer@debat.nl or 023 562 9972.


You will receive a personal intake by the trainer in advance. The program has the characteristics of a Masterclass, where your personal case study is the basis of our program. Expect exercises that will help you improve as a moderator and specific tips.

Day 1: Looking at gatherings in a different way

From a moderating perspective you will learn to see gatherings, workshops, staff meetings, congresses and other sessions in a different manner. It will increase your creativity in organizing meeting. How do you turn a script into a strong story? You redesign your own gatherings and receive a practical assignment.

  • What are the 10 principles of facilitating?
  • How do you apply the principles in your own gatherings?
  • How do you get an interactive program in every situation?
  • How do you connect manner and matter through the use of metapfors?
  • How do you convince your (internal) client of a different perspective on meetings?

Day 2: Dealing with interaction

This day is all about interaction. How do you change people from passive to active? How do you apply different forms of conversation and achieve results with a group? You also learn how to improvise if things do not go as planned. How can you intervene and how do you handle resistance, unexpected changes and blockages?

  • What is your vision of a good conversation at a gathering?
  • Play with the 9 roles of a facilitator
  • How do you intervene in an easy way to steer a gathering in the right direction?
  • How will you cope with jargon?
  • How do maintain your calmness during disasters?

Day 3: That’s a real moderator!

On this day you will work on your personal performance.

  • How do you ensure momentum from the start?
  • How do you improve your appearance as a facilitator?
  • How can you steer powerfully yet subtly?
  • How does a really good facilitator end the conversation?

Do you have a question?

Peter van der Geer

In case you have any questions, please contact Peter van der Geer on vandergeer@debat.nl or 023 562 9972.


  • Get a better hold on any group of people
  • Performing as a moderator tomorrow? We will help you instantly
  • Your coach is an experienced moderator
Manoeuvring flexibly in difficult situations characterises a good moderator. You are aware of details, but also focus on the goal and the big picture. With an experienced coach from Debat.NL at your side, who is also a moderator, a great preparation for an interactive performance is guaranteed.


By focusing on your performance you will learn to apply the techniques to open, direct, summarize, intervene and conclude in your own style. This ensures a sufficient amount of authority, a perfect preparation, being in control flexibly and having the right interaction.

If you want to, your coach can also view your performance. Afterwards, you will get complete feedback of all elements of your performance.

Whether it’s about last-minute coaching or a more extensive programme, you can trust Debat.NL’s coaches. In a safe environment we will strengthen your strong points and improve your weak points. Thorough instruction, realistic simulation and personal feedback will get you focused at the right moment. If necessary, you can use e-coaching or a consult by phone.


Numerous moderators (including several Dutch celebrities) approach Debat.NL to moderate events. Among our clients are internal facilitators of ministries and companies, alongside freelance moderators, managers, team coordinators and mayors.

Practical Information

Debat.NL has coaching locations near the train stations of Leiden and Utrecht. You will receive a quotation upon request.


Ruud de Joode
Ruud de Joode
If you want to control a group, you will reach the opposite effect
Peter van der Geer
Peter van der Geer
There is only one traffic rule for moderators: two-way traffic
Ilona Eichhorn
Ilona Eichhorn
Using as little words as possible to direct as much as possible is the art of moderating
Kido Koenig
Kido Koenig
A moderator’s biggest pitfall is wanting to play the leading role

Incompany: Moderation Skills

  • Your events and meetings need a new impulse
  • You are looking for a smart combination of training, coaching and commitment
  • You want to work with trainers who understand your sector

Incompany training for your organisation

A training for your organisation will have the best outcome when it takes into account your organisation and your situations.

Gaining insight

What are the wishes of your participants and what can they do already? These questions are central in the preparatory phase. What meetings can be more effective? Our scans and digital intakes ensure a clear profile of the participants, which is the best start for a thorough training programme.

Practice, practice, practice

Don’t expect standard models or general hand-outs, but customized exercises and feedback to make the participants excel in their own situation. Customization means that the nature and duration of the training will be decided according to you wishes. Sometimes a smart combination of short workshops and one-on-one coaching is the best method, in other cases we will arrange a simulation.


At Debat.NL we believe that events and meetings will only be more effective when the participants commit themselves to it. We will discuss actions and objectives with each participant for the short and medium run. What are you going to do and what do you need to do that? This ensures the discussion of the effects of the training in your organisation.

Do you have a question?

Peter van der Geer

Please contact Peter van der Geer if you have any further questions on vandergeer@debat.nl or 023 562 9972.


ING moderates a lot of networking and information events for relations. The question was: how do we prevent too much ‘sending’ and too little ‘listening’? A professional moderator from Debat.NL has greatly enlarged the interaction repertoire of the internal facilitator teams.

Provincie Drenthe

Provincie Drenthe
The pool of provincial facilitators for internal and external meetings wanted to improve their skills in leading discussions: how do you prevent superficial discussion and get more focus and results? In a customized training we practised with their own cases.


Numerous meetings and events throughout the country needed a strong impulse, according to the board. Together with Debat.NL a programme has been developed in which the meetings were built up from scratch again and the chairmen and women have been trained in an effective approach to moderate these meetings.


Achmea’s internal ‘Lean-consultants’ met a lot of resistance during meetings with employees. Together with Debat.NL they have improved their skills to make the employees owners of the changes. That is how they turned resistance into cooperation.

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