Why use a moderator from Debat.NL?

  • You will get a moderator that suits your sector and theme
  • You will get a moderator who will think along creatively about the approach
  • You always have the choice between several moderators

Every meeting is an opportunity to get results. That only works when goal, target audience and programme combine perfectly. An experienced moderator will provide you a solid preparation, an independent position, a safe environment, creative ideas and smart interaction techniques – whether it’s a meeting with 15 or 250 participants.


  • Debat.NL is active in several sectors
  • Below you will find some of our clients
  • References on demand


Debat.NL provides various services for the large energy companies. Examples include Eneco, Essent, Alliander, Nuon, GasUnie and Tension.


Debat.NL is active for banks, insurance companies and accountants, both in the Netherlands and abroad. All large Dutch banks are customer at Debat.NL as well as organizations such as Achmea, Nationale Nederlanden, PWC, Ernst & Young, Aegon and ASR.

Trade & Industry

The manufacturing industry is represented by among others Damen Shipyards, Grontmij, Atlas Services Group and SC Johnson while the trade companies are Pon Automobiel, IKEA and the PLUS supermarkets. Both groups make full use of our services.


From law firms to courts, all branches are respresented in our client portfolio. Clients include Baker & McKenzie, Stibbe, BarentsKrans, Holland van Gijzen Advocaten (HVG) and several courts.

Non-profit and social

Whether you are talking about trade unions and employers organizations (FNV and AWVN), NGO’s (Amnesty and Greenpeace), education (Erasmus university, Utrecht University and 12 vocational studies), our trainers and moderators help them to increase their persuasiveness.


Over 120 municipalities consult Debat.NL about various subjects, all the ministries have been clients for years and Debat.NL is active in 8 of the 12 provinces.

Housing associations

Several housing associations like BrabantWonen, Mitros, Woonlinie and Volkhuisvesting Arnhem count on Debat.NL to try and realize their strategic goals.


Many healthcare organizations such as Academical hospital Maastricht, AMC, VU Medical Centre, Erasmus MC, Medical Centre Haaglanden, Reinier de Graaf group, GGZ and the St. Antonius hospital try to reach a higher level by using our services.


At Debat.NL you will be given an experienced chairman that involves the audience, makes speakers more interesting and connects in a thoughtful way – thanks to thorough preparation on the theme and the speakers.

Climate Summit, UN conference Terrorism, Yearcongress Internal Auditors, several VNG-conferences, SDU-congresses.

Consultation Evenings

By using an independent moderator your consultation evening does not become a place for complaints, but a meeting where people discuss together in a constructive way and create a support for appropriate solutions. We slow down the big talkers and try to stimulate the ones who are quiet.

Resident evenings for over 100 municipalities, provinces, construction companies, housing corporations, Rijkswaterstaat, Prorail and NS (Dutch Railways).


Your lecture becomes an appealing interactive story by using our services. By combining it with an interesting hall interview, touching case or heated debate everyone will be on the edge of their seat.

Thorbeckelecture in the old Parliament, Sustainable Tuesday lectures, Keynotes for Quantore annual meeting, Lions conference.

House of Commons Debates

At Debat.NL you are shown the House of Commons as it was intended: the best arguments win. Everyone participates, tension is assured and humour included. We were involved in the introduction of the television format in 1996.

We have conducted the House of Commons for over 50 branch organizations, 100 profit and nonprofit organizations, always tailor-made from 20 to 250 participants.

General Assembly

With the interactive approach your general assembly becomes an event once again. Discussions end in clear conclusions, light-hearted where possible and firm where needed. Every member is a key player.

Annual meeting VBZ, theme congresses for Bouwend Nederland, trade union gatherings for CNV, retirement debates for ABP.

Management meetings

A meeting at management level needs the comfort and professionalism that helps you to discuss tough subjects. Our facilitators know the sensitive issues and political game and act on it.

Top 100 of Damen Shipyards, Top 150 of Vopak, Management Retreat WEN Arina, Management two-day meeting Erasmus MC

Socratic conversations

An experienced dialogue leader works with dilemma techniques. We look for confrontation involving tough subjects together without creating a conflict. This is how you can create consensus for a strong vision.

Change dialogs for Achmea Lean Consultants, integrity talks for Dura Vermeer, Socratic dialogues at the VO teacher congress

Special Events

Sometimes a meeting cannot be classified in a particular manner, but one thing is for sure: The participants have had a great day. If you require an unique concept for your meeting, Debat.NL will help you from the idea to the realization.

The art of showing off (building a reputation), The climate summit (cultural changes at insurance companies) Two days of tooth ache (educational choices), etc.

Stakeholder dialogues

Keeping different interests in mind, Debat.NL will help you to develop a common view at problems and challenges. This is how the public support for your decision increases. Our facilitators will help you to turn resistance into cooperation.

Care organizations The Hague, year conferences EnergieNed, Youth Care gatherings for the province of South-Holland, Sustainability dialogues for PwC


Increase the results of round table talks under the guidance of an experienced Worldcafe moderator from Debat.NL. Productivity, quality and creativity will increase thanks to the smart planning and the interaction between participants.

Examples: RIVM Biocides congress, Delta Lloyd personnel gatherings, Rabobank HR conferences, Key task discussions municipalities

Working conferences

The productive, creative methods of Debat.NL make sure that everybody is involved actively during your working conferences. Our workshopleaders are flexible in their approach and persistent in chasing their goals.

Workshops and working conferences for all provinces, ministries and numerous governmental agencies (healthcare, housing, education)

Panel discussions

With 3 to 5 panel members guided by a moderator of Debat.NL you are assured of speed, focus and involvement from the audience. You will have interaction instead of monologues, a true conversation and the audience’s curiosity will be rewarded.

Slag bij Nyenrode, NL in Europe series for European Commission, Decentralization panels for Dutch Ministry, investment panels for Robeco

  • We promise at least 2 suggestions for suitable facilitators at your meeting.

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