Are you looking for a moderator?

Our professional moderators are exclusively employed by Debat.NL. They perform on a weekly basis for governmental agencies, companies and NGO’s and are held accountable to the highest quality standards.

Sharon Kroes is a European and worldchampion debating and a speech writer for the Flemish and Federal Belgium government. Has extensive experience with debating and dialogue formats and in depth knowledge of the financial sector and international summits. He has a humorous and energetic style.

Ilona Eichhorn chaired the Africa EU High Level Summit where ministerial delegations of Africa and the European met to discuss the future of energy supply. Has moderated numerous meetings for governmental agencies and the private sector. She is a charming moderator who is able to engage an entire group in a friendly and constructive manner.

Peter van der Geer is an experienced international moderator with over 25 years of experience. Led summits in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Portugal and Bali on a wide range of subjects, including governmental regulation, tech summits, finance and insurance conferences and many others. His style is interactive and energetic.