Never sweat again during a speech

Why the irresistible urge to management by speech? You have 5 motives to reduce every request for a speech to a maximum of 1 minute.

1. The monologue is a symptom of the last of the Soviet threat. With an iron message discipline employees are made to believe that they are ‘the most important capital’ or that ‘the customer is always king’. With these platitudes nobody will argue against you. It’s saying nothing with the cynical result that everyone thinks: let them talk, we know better.

2. Pastors belong in church. Who pretends to speak truthfully outside of that is creating his own fairy tale. There’s more wisdom in the audience than behind the lectern. Employees know more than their manager. The motto for each speech is thus: crowdsourcing. You only know what to say if you know why your audience is shy.

3. What do you do when Sacha de Boer presents the news? Put some coffee, watch the laptop, talk to your roommates. Sacha keeps talking regardless. The fate of the monologue is multitasking in the audience. The blackberry, the pen and the handsome neighbor are easily included while listening. Without interaction the attention drops fast.

4. The audience wants a speech. Tell us again, chief, about our change strategy. Quatsch! Don’t be fooled! Don’t make people even more lazy than they already are Brain cells are stimulated by action.. If you want them to understand your strategy, you will have to talk to them personally.

5. During the airtime for monologues only one thing counts: get to the point as fast as possible. Ask the right question, keep your mouth shut and listen. Only when you listen well talking will become easy. Entering in dialogue can be exhausting at first, because it only works with sincere interest from your audience.

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