No excuses please

The workload increases fast. With less colleagues it’s hard to work hard and long. No wonder everyone wants to look out for themselves. So working together? No way. 5 classic excuses spoil the fun at work. Don’t accept them!

1. That’s not my job…

Don’t discuss what function, task, role or responsibility someone has or doesn’t have. Check where the willingness is. Just ask: ‘what do you want to contribute?’

2. That’s not going to work…

All forms of negative criticism without thinking are not worth discussing. Cynicism is fought with positivism. Just ask: ‘Ok, what are you suggesting to make this work?’

3. I don’t have time for that…

Everything important gets time. Don’t argue about importance and priority. Find a small opening. Just ask: ‘When are you prepared to make time for this?’

4. I don’t feel like that…

People can not be motivated, they have to motivate themselves. Look for what drives them. Just ask: ‘What has to be done so you will contribute to this?’

5. We don’t have enough money…

It’s a crisis, everyone understands that. And that’s why existing spendings have to make room for new investments. Just ask: ‘And what if this yields money?’

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