O so seductive

Nobody likes being told the truth. But we can all be seduced. It also saves you a lot of resistance. 5 tips of Debat.NL to wake up the seducer in you.

1. The Goodwill factor

Everyone runs faster for nice people. A compliment, personal attention, gift and sincere curiosity make you irresistible. People have no choice but to be nice in turn. How well do you know your partner?


While you talk your partner mainly thinks of themselves. If you start about that as well you are on the same line. Radio What’s In It For Me is on for everyone the whole day and should not be disturbed by your own commercial breaks: 1x me = 3x you.

3. The magic of the white coat

Nobody is believed because of their blue eyes. But if you take out the white coat your credibility instantly rises. The white coat means authority which people respect. What white coats is your partner sensitive to?

4. Find the herd

Everyone wants to be part of something. Like a sheep does not want to leave the herd but walk with the flow. You will not convince anyone by saying they are the first or the only one. Argue without risks. Always check who has already crossed the road.

5. Create a desire

It’s a lot easier to talk if you start with the ending. The goals of later incite the desire that accelerates the acts of the now. This way you motivate your partner!

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