NN combines innovation with persuasion skills

The NN Group is a Dutch financial services provider that insures over six million people in the Netherlands. The NN Group works with a wide range of business partners and wants to increase its satisfaction. Part of that ambition is engaging and persuading the business partners in the strategies of the NN Group.

A team of 15 dedicated professionals impacts their business partners on a daily basis. But how do you engage them well? And given the fact that the team has been founded recently, how can you handle a discussion with your peers well? Guided by Debat.NL, the team started off. An innovative combination of tailormade webinars where participants tested their persuasion skills on world champion debating Sharon Kroes and using the Debat.NL SkillsTracker with video-feedback allowed participants to increase their persuasion skills by using a step by step approach. All participants receive tailormade feedback and are thus able to take the next step in their persuasion skills. This is how Debat.NL helps NN further grow as a company