Sioux Technologies improves persuasion skills

Sioux Technologies is a global technology partner that supports or acts as the R&D department for high-tech companies. Amongst others, they offer a unique combination of high-quality competences like software, mathware, mechatronics and assembly.

Employees of Sioux Technologies use their persuasion skills on a daily basis, whether it is to convince clients of a certain idea or to pitch complicated solutions in plain language to their customers. Sioux has the need for a long-term partner who structurally improves the persuasion skills of their customers.

To increase the persuasiveness of their employees as much as possible, Debat.NL and Sioux Technologies joined forced to develop the Debat.NL SkillsTracker platform. After an interactive and highly valued kick-off the participants engaged in a serie of Challenges in the Debat.NL app.

Every Challenges included an assignment that participants need to complete and that is being assessed by a professional coach of Debat.NL. Every Challenge was directly linked to their daily practice.

By guiding the participants in the long term they have mastered the art of persuasion much better and are able to effectively conduct meetings and discussions in a persuasive manner. They are able to inspire change among their colleagues. This approach works for Sioux Technologies. That is why Debat.NL is a proud partner for the past five years for Sioux Technologies in the field of persuasion.