Out with fallacies

Fallacies are fake arguments. Which can be destructive if left unchecked. Out with all fallacies, starting with these 5 killers.

1. We’ve been doing it like this for years…

This is why things go wrong every time. performances and malpractices from the past are no guarantee for a bright future. Ask for current arguments, not those from yesterday.

2. The boss says so…

Authorities are there to hide behind. Good for the prestige of your boss, but bad for your organization. Everyone is paid to think for themselves: What do you think?

3. Everyone is doing it

Nobody wants to be alone. Hinting to the fear that you’re different from the rest works. Except if you respond with this question: ‘What makes us better than everyone else?’

4. Impossible…

Is a new idea shot down by someone who yells ‘Impossible?’ This fallacy is easy to parry with: ‘So if it is doable, you don’t have any objections?’

5. What do you even know about this…

Declaring your partner incompetent beforehand is making things personal. Stay general: ‘Apart from my person, what do you think about my arguments?’

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