Why Improve your Persuasion Skills?

  • Every situation demands different influencing techniques
  • Learn when to confront, negotiate or move
  • Become more persuasive in conversation

By using the right persuasion techniques you will increase your influence and authority. Develop the skills that will improve your impact. Learn to seduce without manipulation. Practise how to lower the resistance of others and how to turn a difficult conversation into an opportunity instead of a challenge. The training Persuasion Skills allows you to take the lead in conversations and increases your ability to persuade other people.


You will receive a digital intake in advance to explain your learning objectives. The programme is drafted according to your input. Questions covered during the workshop include the following:

Your impact

  • How do you build a story with impact?
  • What arguments are others sensitive to?
  • Improve your non-verbal charisma

Your influence

  • How do you quickly switch in a conversation?
  • How do you take the initiative in a pleasant manner?
  • Do’s and don’ts of experienced persuaders

The results

  1. You know what the requirements are for a persuasive story
  2. You can control the conversation adequately
  3. You can lead the discussion in a pleasant way
  4. You have more impact

Do you have any questions?

tabs-AlexKleinFor all your questions concerning this workshop, please contact Alex Klein via 0031 23 562 99 72 or klein@debat.nl


Send us your own case studies via our digital intake. Our senior trainers will help you from preparation to persuasion by using the right techniques. You will be assured of a lot of personal feedback and specific tips on how to act in conversations.

  • The most important differences between being right and persuading others to accept your viewpoint
  • The most important barriers to overcome to be convincing
  • The 5 crucial techniques for every conversation
  • Handle resistance, emotions and criticism
  • How to build a conversation in a smart way
  • Disasters in conversations: fix them
  • Personal feedback and tips for every participant
  • Switch quickly and keep control, how do you do it?
  • Argue smart and handle fallacies

The Results

  1. You can build a smart and focussed message using the right arguments
  2. You possess a more elaborate repertoire of conversational techniques
  3. You can handle all forms of opposition effectively
  4. You have specific feedback on your most important cases
  5. You know how to lead a conversation fluently, even in the most unexpected circumstances

Do you have any questions?

tabs-AlexKleinFor all your questions concerning this workshop, please contact Alex Klein via 0031 23 562 99 72 or klein@debat.nl


You will receive a personal intake by the trainer in advance. The programme takes the form of a Masterclass, whereby your personal case study forms the basis of the training. Because there are intervals between the different days, you are able to apply what you have learnt in your daily practice and work on problem areas with your trainer. In this way your skills will increase markedly in a short time-frame.

Day 1. Control the flow of every conversation

On this day you will improve the basis of every conversation you have. You, yourself will determine what you can do and what you need to control the flow of the conversation. You work at every technique necessary to control the conversation effectively, and to understand others. Greater confidence and deeper self-knowledge will make it easier for you to lead the discussion.

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses in your influencing skills?
  • How will you set the flow of each conversation in a good manner?
  • How do you maintain control from the very beginning?
  • How can you use your non-verbal techniques?
  • How can you exploit your own strengths more effectively?

Day 2: You respond to everything in a smart way

After discussion of your personal working points with the trainer, the whole of day two will be devoted to practising your reactions and adaptation techniques. Whoever you are communicating with, you respond to predictable and unpredictable situations well. You learn to see your discussion partners differently and anticipate their positive and negative reactions. After this day you will not only become quicker at influencing others, but also more intuitive.

  • What do you need to react in an assertive way?
  • How do you apply the art of seduction?
  • How do you provoke the right reaction?
  • How do you anticipate unexpected situations and emotions?
  • How do you handle typical conversation tricks?

Day 3: Know the secrets of interaction

On this day you will become familiar with different conversational tactics to ensure that you are fully equipped to deal with any challenges you may face. You will notice that you expend less energy on words and more on your thought process, causing your influence to grow. We also practise several debating techniques that will improve the credibility of your story.

  • How do you strategically start and end a conversation?
  • How can arguments increase your influence?
  • How can you play chess on multiple boards at the same time?
  • What tips can you learn from experienced negotiators?

Do you have any questions?

tabs-AlexKleinFor all your questions concerning this workshop, please contact Alex Klein via 0031 23 562 99 72 or klein@debat.nl

Individual Coaching for Influencing Intelligently

  • One-on-one preparation for important discussions.
  • Work with an experienced coach.
  • Available at the location and time you prefer.

Our approach

Personal conversation

A coach should have the relevant skills and a personal fit. In a personal conversation you will be introduced to the coach and will prepare your cases and learning objectives. Based on this, you and the coach will decide upon an approach together.


Based on your learning objectives we will decide on the structure of the coaching, the number of sessions and the way in which we can help you to broaden your impact and persuasion.

Personal feedback

The entire process is about you and your learning objectives. During the session, which will last for approximately two hours, we will practise extensively and provide you with personal feedback, tips and techniques on how to improve your skills, broaden your insight and increase your effectiveness


Finext’s employees must be persuasive in different settings. This can include appearances in the media, internal discussions and conversations with customers. But how do they ensure they’re persuasive? Debat.NL guides Finext’s employees in their preparation for specific discussions and interviews.

Do you have any questions?

tabs-AlexKleinFor all your questions concerning this workshop, please contact Alex Klein via 0031 23 562 99 72 or klein@debat.nl


Debat.NL provides inspiring customised lectures for groups from 30 to 200 people. Depending on the session’s theme, Debat.NL highlights the most important elements for persuading others.



For over ten years, Debat.NL has been providing training and workshops for a variety of divisions of ING to make employees more influential, and to ensure that they significantly improve their persuasiveness when dealing with colleagues and clients.



Our trainers enable IUCN’s executives to be more persuasive and make more impact by combining training and coaching that is focused on their daily practice. Managers learn to gain the lead in discussions and to take the initiative and to get commitment for their ideas.

Customization: Influencing Intelligently

  • Your employees should exert more influence
  • You are looking for a smart combination of training, coaching and commitment
  • You want to work with trainers who understand your sector

Customization for your organisation

Training for your organisation will have the best result when it takes your organisation and situation into account.

Gaining insight

What are the wishes of your participants and what can they do already? These questions are crucial in the preparatory phase. In what situations do they wish to exert their influence and what can be improved in these situations? Our scans and digital intakes ensure a clear profile of the participants_ the best start for a thorough training programme.

Practice, practice, practice

Don’t expect standard models or general hand-outs. Instead, we offer customised exercises and feedback to make sure that the participants excel within their own situation. Customisation means that the nature and duration of the training will be decided in accordance with your wishes. Sometimes a smart combination of short workshops and one-on-one coaching is the best method, in other cases we will arrange a simulation or the participants will have to do assignments in their daily practice.


At Debat.NL we believe that participants only really learn how to influence when they commit themselves to applying the lessons in practice. We will discuss actions and objectives for the short and medium term. What are you going to do and what skills do you need to do that? We are happy to support our clients using (online) coaching and customised assignments. This ensures a long lasting effect within your organisation.


Debat.NL provides coaching in persuasion and influencing techniques in various branches and situations. Examples are internal meetings, management meetings, job interviews, sales pitches and other situations in where persuasion is a decisive element.

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Practical information

  • If necessary, coaching is available at short notice
  • Debat.NL has two coaching locations in Leiden and Utrecht
  • You will receive a quotation upon request


Imre Vegh
Imre Vegh
He will introduce you to the right conversation techniques in an amiable, yet focused manner
Peter van der Geer
Peter van der Geer
He will give you exactly the sharpness you need in conversation.
Renee Kooger
Renee Kooger
She will provide you with effective tools and techniques to change your behaviour.
Kido Koenig
Kido Koenig
His enthusiasm will motivate you to take the right approach in conversations.

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