Why improve your Presentation Skills?

  • For everyone who wants more impact in their presentations or speeches
  • You won’t learn tricks, just invaluable techniques that suit you
  • Your trainer is experienced in conducting a wide range of presentations and speeches

Improve your presentation techniques and your message will come across more convincingly. You will learn to speak comfortably and discover how a personal approach can persuade your audience. Learn useful non-verbal techniques, such as how to use posture to increase your authority and benefit from breathing techniques that will make your voice and appearance more balanced. The training Presentation Skills will increase your calm and the persuasiveness of your performance.


You will receive a digital intake form in advance to discuss your learning goals. The program will then be designed accordingly. Questions may include, among others, the following:

  • Inspiring examples: what do these people do that you can do as well?
  • The top five priorities for every presentation
  • Appear authentic: what makes look strong or credible?
  • Non-verbal techniques: improve your attitude, voice and gestures
  • Delivering a solid presentation: the ideal structure
  • Useful tips for your next presentation

The results

  1. You have more (non) verbal impact
  2. You know several structures for an inspiring story
  3. You know your strengths and weaknesses
  4. You have person tips for a convincing story

Do you have any questions?

T_IlonaEichhorn1For all questions regarding this training, please contact Ilona Eichhorn on 0031 23 562 99 72 or eichhorn@debat.nl.


Bring the presentation you need to give and our senior trainers will help you from the moment you step onto the stage until the applause. Deliver an impressive presentation without nerves or fear of public speaking. You can be assured a lot of personal feedback and specific tips on how to improve your performance.

  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and combating stress
  • stressWhat makes you strong and authentic?
  • Use your voice more powerfully
  • Non-verbal techniques with results, what to do with your hands, head and posture?
  • How can you reach a different goal by using a different presentation structure?
  • Speak like Obama: six rhetorical techniques for fast applause
  • How do you handle audience reaction?
  • Personal tips for every participant

The results

  1. You are able to give presentations persuasively
  2. You gain invaluable non-verbal techniques
  3. You can open and end powerfully
  4. You have mastered several different techniques to make an impact
  5. No critical question remains unanswered

Do you have any questions?

T_IlonaEichhorn1For all questions regarding this training, please contact Ilona Eichhorn on 0031 23 562 99 72 or eichhorn@debat.nl.


Prior to commencing, you will receive a personal intake form from the trainer. The programme takes the form of a Masterclass, where your personal cases are at the core of the training program. Expect visible improvement through a combination of practical tips and techniques that enable you to increase your impact on your audience.

Day 1: The basics

You will soon be conducting an important presentation. Every successful performance starts with the correct preparation. On the first day we have to make sure the basics are perfect. What are you strengths, which areas need improvement? What is your personal style of speech giving? How will you handle your audience? We will also assist with the art of controlling your nerves and handling any fear of public speaking.

  • What makes you a genuine speaker?
  • How do you start your presentation or speech?
  • How do you make the audience feel good?
  • How do you captivate your audience?
  • How do you manage interaction?
  • How do you master your nerves

Day 2: Straightforward language and appearance

With the structure in place, success depends on finding the right words, the right tone and the correct way of speaking when delivering your message. You will work at verbal techniques to speak convincingly and craft perfect sentences. Day 2 also includes evaluating your nonverbal charisma by using several camera exercises.

  • How do you frame and formulate a strong message?
  • How do you change jargon into an interesting story?
  • What else can you do to generate impact with your voice?
  • How do you apply rhetorical techniques of Obama and Martin Luther King to your story?
  • How do you attract instant attention and close powerfully?
  • How do you support your story nonverbally?

Day 3: A flawless performance

The difference between a mundane and an excellent performance lies in the details. On this day we will show you how to make that difference. With the right start, perfect non-verbal appearance and smart interaction with your audience, your presentation’s effect will increase dramatically

  • Advanced interaction techniques for every audience
  • Handling critical questions
  • Radiate more warmth than the beamer: How do you start your PowerPoint correctly?
  • Advanced presentation techniques for large groups
  • The art of storytelling
  • How to reframe your story to persuade a critical audience

Do you have any questions?

T_IlonaEichhorn1For all questions regarding this training, please contact Ilona Eichhorn on 0031 23 562 99 72 or eichhorn@debat.nl.

Coaching in Presenting Comfortably

  • Make sure your audience sees, feels and hears the best you’ve got to offer
  • Crucial speech coming up? We will help you instantly
  • Your coach is an experienced speechwriter and speaker

It’s the little nuances in your voice, your posture and your use of language that make the difference between a presentation with or without impact. Together with a coach who has tutored many renowned speakers, you will learn to present with style, in a way that suits you. No tricks, just authenticity.


Whether a speech at a conference, a campaign speech or a commercial presentation, every speech should sound professional. You can ensure your audience is fascinated and that it ends with heart-felt applause. An experienced speaker-coach from Debat.NL will lead you step by step to a successful performance.

Our approach

Whether you want last-minute coaching or an extensive coaching process, Debat.NL’s coaches can and will help you. We will enhance your strong points and improve your weak ones in a safe environment. Thorough instruction, realistic simulation and personal feedback will make you focused at the right moment. If necessary, you can use e-coaching for quick contact and advice from your coach.


We provide presentation coaching for executives, professionals and politicians. Among our clients are CEOs, managers, professionals and several national politicians. We also provide presentation coaching on a regular basis to, amongst others, Rabobank, Alliander and ING.

Practical information

  • If necessary, coaching is available at a short notice
  • Debat.NL has two coaching locations in Leiden and Utrecht
  • You will receive a quotation upon request

Incompany: Presenting Comfortably

  • Let your participants practise together
  • Use your own cases and material
  • Practice presentations and interaction

In-company programmes

Use your own presentations and subjects, and practise together with colleagues. Our in-company programs are designed to maximise your impact. The programme consists of three parts:


We start with a clear picture of the current skills and ongoing training needs of your participants. We do this by either observing participants giving a presentation, or by asking them to fill out a digital intake form to state their learning goals.


Customisation means that we will decide on the optimal design and duration of the training. Is a short programme with subsequent one-on-one coaching sufficient, or do you prefer several sessions with a specific assignment? The organisation’s objectives and participants learning goals will determine the nature of the training.


Whenever possible, we will work towards a specific speech or presentation.

Do you have a question?

T-AlexKleinPlease contact Alex Klein if you have any questions about this training program. You can reach him directly on klein@debat.nl or at 023 562 9972.


Debat.NL organised a year-long programme for Robeco to give their key figures the necessary persuasiveness in pitches, debates and presentations. A combination of several speakers during monthly sessions taught participants to get Robeco’s story across in a persuasive manner.

Nationale Nederlanden

For Nationale Nederlanden, Debat.NL is training the management of several divisions on how to best persuade their colleagues of other divisions to adopt new and innovative ideas. Led by an experienced trainer, participants get to work in interactive meetings about speech and presentation techniques.

Erasmus University

For many years, Debat.NL has provided trainings within the learning modules of future managers of health institutions. One of these is advanced training on speech and presentation techniques to truly guarantee the support of all stakeholders during changes and transitions.

Delta Lloyd

Delta Lloyd’s ‘Audit employees’ have to persuade people to make important changes to their processes. The only tool they have is their persuasion. In cooperation with Debat.NL , a strategy has been developed to show colleagues the importance of certain ideas that had to be implemented.

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