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How do you respond when someone tries to sell you something? Exactly, never mind. But what if you are trying to convince someone? Without bothering them? 5 tips from Debat.NL without annoying anyone.

1. Do you get this too…?

People like talking to people. It’s better to start about remarkable hobbies, exciting events and beautiful wall objects than to start about your own business. Goal: identify with the customer. ‘I know that all too well…’

2. Why is more important than what

What your fantastic qualities are is unfortunately not very interesting. Turn the button. Don’t say: ‘what I have for you…’ Say: ‘I understand you are looking for …, can you tell me why?’ You’re not selling, they’re buying.

3. The art of reframing

If a conversation is just about price you are in a price battle full of salami techniques. If the other asks: ‘Can you drop the price?’ You respond: ‘That will be hard. What I’d like to talk about is…’

4. I have one myself…

People like being comfortable. This is accomplished if people think they are in good company. Think celebrities, neighbors and peers: ‘Who also uses this is…’

5. Last push

Why a customer wants to buy something is essential. You will convince him if you answer the question ‘why now?’ For example respond with: ‘If you decide now, you will be assured of our best…’.

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