Speak with authority

Whether you were named just now or not, we all want to speak with authority. A stormy applause feels better than a storm of criticism. 5 tips of Debat.NL for natural authority.

1. Prevent nonverbal leakage.

Blinking eyes, curling mouth corners and dancing eyebrows betray: you are not in control. Breathe deeply and keep your head quiet when you speak. And don’t let your clothes speak louder than your voice. Pay attention to talkshow guests.

2. Don’t sell yourself short

Nobody listens to you if you make yourself smaller. When you sit: don’t cross legs or arms – that indicates defense and a search for protection. Sit straighter or even wider. And if you stand up: legs one foot apart, arms next to your body.

3. Start with a break

The world keeps spinning, but your plea brings some rest. Only start speaking if it’s truly quiet. And let important words sound like an event: fan-tas-tic. Don’t smile all the time, you’re not talking to please. Severity will give you a certain authority.

4. Shine in the radiance of others.

Authorative speakers are not chest beaters. On the contrary. They refer to others ( like your predecessor). With the added effect that the other radiates his authority on you. Reputations are contagious.

5. The only way is up!

Are you getting resistance anyway? Then you are above it. How does this work? Don’t respond immediately. Wait a full second. Explain what you stand for, what it means to everyone and weave your response to the question in between.

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