Steve Jobs' theatre piece

If thousands stand in line for the Apple Store in The Netherlands it’s thanks to the late Steve Jobs’ theatre genius. His podium presentations were put together ingeniously. Here at Debat.NL we know you can do the same. How?

1. Make sure your message can travel the world in 1 tweet. ‘The world’s thinnest notebook’. An old rhetorical law: everything you say should be remembered by everyone easily.

2. To be a true hero you have to create an adversary. Apple vs Microsoft. People like to compare to others.

3. To convince you don’t say how good you are, but how others benefit The iPhone is ‘twice as fast at half the price’. Which doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

4. Steve only used PowerPoint for images.. His slide of a notebook in an office envelope says more than 20 bulletpoints ever will.

5. The bigger the numbers, the more important it is to put them into perspective. 50.000 shoppers = a full Arena.

6. Get that Holy Smoke moment. ‘Today we are introducing a new iPod, a phone and internet communicator … in 1 device.’ It’s the famous tricola + climax in 1 sentence.

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