The last meeting

Does anyone have something for the survey? Yes. I suggest that we make this our last meeting! Are you part of the 99% that question the use of meetings? Nobody wants to be a meeting tiger in the crisis. You receive – without consultation – 5 reasons to end the meeting culture.

1. The meeting room is the last bastion of the old ways. The fixed arrangement of chairs and seats says everything: here we do everything the old way. Renewal is found elsewhere. That’s one excellent reason to hold less meetings!

2. Meetings turn the cheery Netherlands into a boring company. The cause? A predictable agenda with predictable reactions from predictable people. This much certainty is not good for out mental health. That’s why those legs are stretched out under the table. Fuziness is the number one cause of bad decisions.

3. Yes but … if I stay away they will talk about everything behind my back.. This fear is the worst argument to keep holding meetings: distrust. Let them call for you if they need you. Being forced to attend only helps the status of the chairman, not the cause.

4. Turn meetings into a focused event. Talking is very social, but not very productive. Problems should be discussed in your own time, in meetings we choose solutions. No proposal = no meeting. It keeps the meeting short and aimed at results.

5. There are many alternatives to the traditional meeting. A lively debate on a tantalizing proposition, a wild brainstorming session or a regular feedback hour. Without a lot of meetings the business will still run as usual.

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