The Propaganda Checker

Are you trying to snare them once again? Big chance that you are being seduced with propaganda. Keep the Propaganda Checker close. Debat.NL helps you with 5 test questions for a solid argumentation and honest discussion.

1. What does that mean concretely?

(Glittering generalities) Big words like sustainable, transparent and synergy are used daily. The people who use them don’t harm anyone, play with feel good but don’t say anything really. That way someone can go whatever way they want. Concrete = better. What do you mean exactly?

2. N=1: Do you have more examples?

(Tesitimonial) ‘Maurice de Hond also transferred to us’. Interesting, but why? Does Maurice know a lot about energy? N=1 is not representative. Question: Are there more examples, counter examples? If your partner remains quiet you know enough.

3. Why would I vote?

(Bandwagon) ‘Many voted before you’. Nice, but sheep are tame animals. If people walk after each others nobody will be thinking critically anymore. Stay cool: ‘You haven’t convinced me yet, why would I join?’

4. Are there downsides?

(Cardstacking) Selective arguing is as understandable as it is deceptive. Get serious. Who can not name downsides to his own plan is not credible. There’s no such thing as pink clouds.

5. Apart from yourself… what are your arguments?

(Plain folks) If someone pretends to be an ordinary man or woman like you, then it’s time to seperate the case and the person. Joe the Plumber was caught as well. So: ‘Back to the subject, why exactly do you want to…?’

The ideal is and remains and open debate where arguments are tested for truth and value. Without resistance every monologue will tend to be propaganda.

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