The successor to PowerPoint

Are you always fed up with the suffering that PowerPoint (.ppt) causes? Let’s end it quickly and permanently:

1. PPT is the support of the presenter. Who leans on their presentation will fall sooner or later. Show that you can hold your own ground.

2. Have you noticed the doorkeeper next to the Night Guard? This is how PPT works. It puts you in the shadow of your own story. Get out of hiding, you are interesting enough on your own.

3. Reject the fake alternatives to PPT. With Pecha Kucha you will get 20 slides x 20 seconds, but they are still slides. With Prezi you can make your slides swing, so that you are sure people will forget the content.

4. Videos then? Close the light like in the cinema. Twitter fountains. Just stop talking, because nobody can read moving letters and listen at the same time. The death blow to any interaction.

5. The only true successor to PowerPoint is you. People made from flesh and bones in 3D. With you people can talk, because interaction is the standard for your influence. You are the best social medium that exists.

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