Top 5 meeting annoyances

Research of the SDU and Debat.NL show the top 5 annoyances in meetings. Don’t wait until the chairman finally acts, fix them yourself. 5x don’t get annoyed in meetings.

1. Too much talk off topic

People like hearing themselves talk. But if the central question goes out of sight , our sense of direction abandons us. Interrupt the discussion: ‘What question are we trying to find an answer for?’

2. Meetings take longer than necessary

Keep your own monologue short and make sure you get your turn before long speakers. Also ask how much time was reserved for your subject. Do you know how much an hour of meeting costs? Install one of the free Meeting Cost Meter apps.

3. The purpose of the meeting is not clear enough

Two things have to be clear on every subject on the agenda: what’s the underlying issue and how will we discuss it. Otherwise suggest delaying the subject. No purpose, no meeting.

4. Lack of structure

Talking about a subject often brings respite. Is structure lacking? Ask the chairman what the purpose is or ask: ‘Shall we make everything clear before we start discussing?’

5. Nobody says exactly what they think

If people are feeling insecure suggest giving input on paper in an anonymous way. Or give the example: ‘I don’t find it easy to be open about this, but I am and I want to ask others to do the same’.

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