Very useful sentences

Some sentences instantly work on your interlocutors. With an almost 100% guarantee you can send the conversation in the right direction. Is it magic or manipulation? Judge yourself. 5 sentences of Debat.NL for daily use

1. Apart from that…

It’s only 3 words. But in an equally supple and smooth movement they judge the last words of your interlocutor as too unimportant to be answered.

2.What it’s all about…

As if everything that has been said was just an introduction to what you are about to say. It’s the sentence that lifts you above your interlocutor.

3. That is exactly what I’m trying to say…

With a generous compliment like this you will stupefy your opponent. Subsequently you say in your own words what your true goal is.

4. If I can widen the subject…

If you are being driven into a corner because your partner is getting very concrete, this sentence will come to your rescue. It suggests the importance of the bigger picture and you hide an evasive manoeuvre.

5. I can’t go home with that…

If everything else fails there is always the back-up to hide behind. You are acting a bit pathetic on purpose. It seduces many to give in after all. Warning: these are all sentences that restrict a good debate’s content. Stay sharp.

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