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Voorkom dat mensen tegen u liegen

Who tells the whole truth at once? Almost no one. Save yourself the feeling if I had known that with 5 tips from Debat.NL, inspired by experienced interviewers.

1. Put people at ease
At ease people tell more. So first look for similarities (hobby, work, home) between you and the other person. The last thing you want is that the other person thinks ‘what a strange person I have in front of me!’.

2. Beware of suspicious formulations
Do you hear passive sentences (‘Mistakes were made’), generalizations (‘No one could know that’) and vague language (‘You heard criticism’)? Then the alarm bell goes off. Ask what the other person means.

3. Be aware of other movements
Everyone has a basic attitude: they sit, gesticulate and look in their own way. If someone is not aware of this, then that is usually a sign of stress. A good time to ask.

4. Do not interrupt yourself
Do not get into stress yourself. Interrupting the other, threatening with sanctions, intimidating by touching, referring to the first name – that leads to more tension, not to more truth. Keep asking open questions.

5. And if the other persists ….?
If you notice that the other person is really lying, you say: ‘You are contradicting yourself now’? If you accuse you do not hear anything anymore. Ask patiently: ‘I do not quite understand yet, tell me a little more …’

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